Our Vision: An Educational Web3 Platform secured on the blockchain where anyone can learn and educate in a fully decentralised environment.
Our Mission: Revolutionise the current education system by providing a secure, transparent, and personalised digital learning experience.
Our Goal: Provide opportunities to learn an endless range of subjects taught via classes, lectures or 1:1 tutoring with world-class teachers having a platform to earn additional income from providing the educational material and teachings.


The emergence of blockchain technology has revolutionised various industries, from supply chains to gaming. As a result, the education sector has incredible opportunities to adopt web3 and digitalise the learning environment into a decentralised, secure, and personalised platform for both students & teachers.
Our proposed LearnOnChain Web3 Platform aims to solve the existing challenges of traditional learning by providing a modern, fun, and accessible environment.
Education is influenced mainly by the student's background, location, finances, and teacher availability, creating a divide. As a result, students miss out on opportunities to learn a diverse range of subjects, with teacher's hours and pay governed by the traditional mode.
The global education market is worth an estimated $5.7 trillion with a rapidly accelerating shift to online learning. Countries that have the highest cryptocurrency ownership rate also rank poorly in terms of accessibility to education. Therefore, a global market exists filled with individuals seeking additional learning on top of their traditional offerings to those who have adopted blockchain technology but search for a safe and quality education.
However, with the increasing popularity and adoption of blockchain, anyone from anywhere can access world-class teaching in a digital environment. The LearnOnChain World opens endless possibilities for classroom environment learning, lecture theatre-style education and 1:1 private tutoring with world-class teachers. A Learn to Earn Model (L2E) for global adoption will be incorporated into the platform for students and teachers to benefit from and enhance their overall experience.

Key Features of LearnOnChain

  1. 1.
    Decentralised Learning Environment: Students and teachers create and own their data in a global, digitalised platform. Users participate in platform development decisions, voting on proposals and DAO spending.
  2. 2.
    Governance & Security: All users on the platform are vetted with an overarching governance model regulating their privacy and Personal Identifiable Information (PII). The LearnOnChain Master Users will authorise changes, remove users, and ensure high-level teaching standards.
  3. 3.
    Digital Credentials: Students will store their education history, learning, and development journey on the blockchain. This provides a secure and transparent platform to track their progress and reliably showcase their achievements.
  4. 4.
    Personalised Learning: Leveraging the Blockchain, LearnOnChain calculates each student's learning style, preferences, and interests to provide a customised learning experience.
  5. 5.
    Microlearning: LearnOnChain provides bite-sized, easy-to-digest learning modules, enhancing student engagement and knowledge retention. Students can learn at their own pace and receive continuous feedback, ensuring they are on the right track.
  6. 6.
    Macrolearning: Alternatively, students can enrol in long-term courses over several months with limitless opportunities for exploring subjects and topics.
  7. 7.
    Engaging: Students can explore the LearnOnChain World with NFT Avatars representing their character. Outside of a classroom environment, users can enjoy educational games, in-platform communication with other students, and social networking.
  8. 8.
    NFT Marketplace: Users can access thousands of items to enhance their avatars and study tools, alongside owning building assets for L2E benefits.
  9. 9.
    Learn 2 Earn (L2E): In-platform tokens can be earnt through participating in learning, attending classes, and owning educational buildings.


  • Users access the LearnOnChain Application by connecting to learnonchain.io through a web browser and wallet extension.
  • A virtual 3D university-style platform will allow students to explore the campus, attend classes, connect with other students, and visit the NFT shop.
  • To access a learning environment (classroom, lecture theatre or private tutoring room), students must pay the agreed fee to unlock the door. Funding – An in-platform token swap will allow students to exchange approved tokens* or coins with the Native $LEARN token. *Master Users control the list of approved tokens with a consensus mechanism determining the outcome of the vote. This will maintain the stability and accuracy of funding from students to teachers by avoiding large fluctuations in the market.
  • Smart Contract Education – The $LEARN token deposited by the student before each class is automatically staked. Once the agreement terms have been met, the teacher can decide whether to withdraw their cut of the tokens on a flexible or fixed agreement. Flexible can include withdrawing each week or continuing to stake the tokens long-term for greater rewards.


A Token System Designed to Optimise Platform Tokenomics and User Experience. Learn ($LEARN) will be the primary token.
Overview of $LEARN A Non-Inflationary Token used for in-platform education & teaching financials, plus voting and DAO Governance
  • Supply - 10 Max Billion $LEARN Max Supply
  • Students – Use $LEARN to enrol in classes, attend lectures & book private tutoring sessions.
  • Teachers – Will earn $LEARN.
  • Users can use $LEARN to acquire in-platform NFTs (I.e., Educational buildings), attend student social events and make general upgrades to their avatar.
  • NFTs - The main in-platform educational buildings (Classrooms, lecture theatres, and tutoring rooms) can be acquired by using $LEARN.

$LEARN Token Distribution

  • 10% - Founders & Core Team
  • 10% - Early Investors
  • 60% - Public Sale
  • 15% - Locked for Game Development & Marketing
  • 5% - Community Rewards


  • Staking $LEARN improves platform stability & reduces price volatility.
  • Flexible staking is open-ended & stays staked for a minimum of 5 days until the user withdraws.
  • Fixed staking offers 12, 24 or 36-month options with increasing APR attached.

NFT Marketplace

Educational Buildings

A digital collection of LearnOnChain Buildings, Educational Content and Certifications will be created and launched as NFTs.
Building Assets can include Classrooms, Lecture halls, Private tutoring rooms, Subject Libraries, and Study Halls.
NFTs will be ranked based on earning ability, preferential positioning on campus, and educational benefits. I.e., A Major Lecture Hall used in the Science Department with unlimited seats and 24/7 access will be ranked high. On the other hand, a private tutoring room for 1:1 learning will have a lower rank.
Owners earn a % of the transactions made in their building, with teachers offered a greater % for owning and teaching in their rooms. For example, Teacher A owns Classroom 500B, which holds 100 students. Teacher A primarily teaches in Classroom 500B to earn transaction fees for each student who enrols and enters that classroom.

LearnOnChain Shop

Students & Teachers can enter the LearnOnChain Shop to purchase additional in-platform items to enhance their learning experience and personalised education. The $STUDY token will only be accepted.
NFT Item Examples
  • Student & Teacher Avatars – i.e., Famous Academics such as Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Aristotle. Animal characters.
  • Avatar Upgrades – Clothing items (i.e., Shirts, Dresses, Shoes), backpacks and accessories.
  • Studying Tools – Stationery, Notepads, Calculators, & Devices.
  • Books –Digitalised for reading and making notes on in-platform.

LearnOnChain for Students.

  • Students enrol in classes, attend lectures or private tutoring sessions.
  • A free play mode will allow students to explore the platform and visit the library, admin office and study centre.
  • In-platform communication can be selected if the student turns it on – Subject to checks and governance.
  • During an educational session communication mode is switched off by the teacher
  • Once a student enters an educational session, a learning screen will appear. This screen is fully customisable with sections for notetaking, in-platform devices (i.e., Calculators), and reading book pages. In addition, the central section will include the teacher's Avatar in video & voice format.

LearnOnChain for Teachers

  • Teachers can choose to teach with or without a digital avatar representation.
  • The default setting will be for a digital NFT avatar to protect privacy.
  • During a large lecture theatre-style seminar, a teacher may prefer an Avatar.
  • However, during a 1:1 tutoring session with a well-known student, the avatar can be switched off.


Phase 1 – Commence Project

Q3 2023 – Publish Litepaper, Create Socials Channels, Deploy Basic Website, Launch $LEARN Token, Engage Investors and Community.
Q4 2023 – Secure Round 1 Investment from Private Companies, Grants, and Governments. Kick Off building of NFT Assets, Application Platform and Smart Contracts.
Q1 2024 – First release of platform design Artist Impressions), Community Engagements, and Marketing for $LEARN.

Phase 2 – Build and Engage

Q2 2024 – NFT Launch of Educational Buildings with Whitelisted Application, Marketing on Major NFT Drop Websites, and Investor Invitations.
Q3 2024 – Second release of platform design. Further community engagement.
Q4 2024 – Full Whitepaper released. Second NFT Launch of in-platform assets.

Phase 3 – Test and Marketing

Q1 2025 – Blockchain Audit. Testing. Major Marketing Push.

Phase 4 – Go Live

Q2 2025V1 of Platform Go Live in Full Production
Q3 2025 – Major Global Push across the educational sector, news outlets, and socials
Q4 2025 – Cross chain development and external NFT usage for Avatars (i.e., BAYC)

Phase 5 – Production

Continuous upgrades, bug fixes, community-led developments, industry partnerships, and global promotional marketing. New features released. Advanced Gameplay introduced.
Note – The above timeline is subject to change.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). We believe that it is important to give back to the communities in which we operate and to make a positive impact on the world.
  • Environmental: Providing a virtual educational platform will help to reduce the impact of transportation, infrastructure, and raw materials such as textbooks. This will contribute to a more sustainable method of learning and teaching.
  • Social: Offering the opportunity to learn and teach without the restraints of cost, availability and personal safety will help improve the lives of many individuals. Scholarships and financial aid through transparent assistance to learn in a digital world will enhance the outlet for students across the world.
  • Community: Engaging with disadvantaged communities, schools, and areas in providing the accessibility to enhance their educational journey whilst providing a service that connects them with professionals and mentors from across the world.
Over 5 billion people have access to the internet and a computer. However, millions have limited or no access to education whether formal or informal. Factors such as conflict, discrimination and lack of access to a physical learning environment all contribute to this statistic.
Many of these individuals come from areas with high levels of economic inequality, low Global Youth Development Index (GYDI) ranking and a lack of trust in traditional financial institutions. However, they also have some of the highest uptakes in cryptocurrency ownership in the world.
Therefore, the main driver for this platform is to help bridge that gap that so many unfortunate individuals face, largely driven by factors out of their control but who have adopted blockchain and seek a new way to learn.
Whether it’s a mother from Ukraine who has taken refuge in Europe and now seeks to learn mathematics to better her family's future. Or, a child from a remote aboriginal community who gazes into the night sky and dreams of becoming an astronomer.
Children and adolescents should have the ability to connect with teachers from across the world and access quality education through an interactive and fun platform that brings people together in an ecosystem of learning.
A portion of the profits will fund scholarships that will be offered to those who have a passion for learning regardless of age, culture or background. These financial aids can then be used to access the education services on the platform free of charge. Whether that’s to attend lectures or a private tutoring session.
The benefits an online platform can offer will create a better world for all of us.

Closing Remarks

We believe that our platform has the potential to revolutionize the education system to a more accessible and affordable model that doesn't discriminate against a student's background, culture or location.
World-class teachers and academic professionals can pass on their knowledge and passion to a global audience with complete control over their timetable whilst earning an income.


****Case Studies Example 1 – Gabriela is a 15-year-old student from El Salvador who has a passion for Cloud Computing and dreams to become an Engineer with a top tech company. However, their local schools and universities are limited to core subjects based on the teacher's experience and availability. As Gabriela has been investing steadily into BTC for several years she discovers LearnOnChain and enrols in a 12-week course with private tutoring on the weekends. The teacher is a Harvard Professor with 20 years of engineering experience from Alphabet. Gabriela converts her BTC into the native $LEARN token to fund the course and tutoring sessions. Upon successfully completing the course the professor provides a letter of recommendation for Gabriella to attend Harvard University on a full scholarship.
****Example 2 – Ryan is a 45-year-old student from Australia who lives in a remote mining town. They have a passion for marine science; however, they're based 2000kms from the East Coast and are limited to watching documentaries. A colleague tells them about their daughter who's using LearnOnChain for private tutoring sessions with an industry expert. Ryan connects to the platform and joins a lecture on marine diversity one evening. This sparks the passion and opens the opportunity for Ryan to learn more. They soon convert their BNB into $LEARN and begin classes with the teacher based on the Great Barrier Reef providing real-time video experience and education.
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